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Secret Desires of the Heart

the bitterSWEET soul

“May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, And fulfill all your purpose.” Psalm 20:4 

Wow, such a brilliant expression of God’s love for us!  This particular verse in Psalm 20:4 is so sweetly simplistic on the surface, but also deeply complex.  As I was studying Psalm 20, which is a short, yet powerful reminder of God’s victorious hand in every victory, it also reminds us that we must be obedient and pursue HIM.  In this, I realized that I found conviction within myself.  I realize that in my personal prayers, I fervently pray for my family, friends, current conditions, broken countries, against disease and ailments, for revival in dead hearts, and I boldly pray for our GOD not only work His miracles, but to make us aware and be astonished by the  miracles only HE can speak into existence.  Personally, I pray for my obedience, cleansing, correction, transformation…

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Present in HIS Presence

Romans 1:20

the bitterSWEET soul

In my early morning prayer and conversations with God, all of a sudden, it hit me, much like a ray of light illuminates a space after clumsily stumbling around in the dark.


It can be quite the challenge with our thoughts pinging around from one distraction to another…  even as I try to write this blog, the nonstop email notifications popping up on my screen… another thief of my one-on-one time with God.  So I stop, search through my settings, hoping this time I’ve figured out how to disarm the notifications.  Jackpot!  I think I got it…  nope, there it goes again.  At least I’ve muted the sound.  And once again, I attempt to reclaim and honor my precious, incomparable time with the Lord.  Doesn’t He deserve so much more?

May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight…

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Cultivating an Others-Focused Mentality

I’m beginning to realize the currency of community as a topic in my life right now. Perhaps it’s because isolation is such an eminent tool of the enemy’s. If we’re not isola…

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Bienvenido año 2016

Source: Bienvenido año 2016


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Here I am, Lord, Use Me

“Sometimes all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage.”

Limber-Lost Musings

October 5th

Starting off with 8AM worship in the Ohana court (this big pavilion that couples as a basket ball court and basically whatever else you want it to be), today marked the first Monday of my DTS. Slowly I’m feeling my legs get used to the five-to-eight mile a day hikes over various hills and scorching hot pavement. Feet are blistered and calves are strengthening. Just the walk to the cafeteria is somewhat strenuous in the constant heat, let alone across campus. But I’m not complaining; somehow even the pain brings me joy, because it reminds me I am actually here. 

For the beginning of our lectures we had the privilege to meet Susi Childers, the founder of our DTS, Voice for the Voiceless, and hear her testimonies from how God told her to start V4V. Her main point for the day was that Christ has His own dreams…

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Tired Eyes, Sore Back, Happy Heart

A daughter takes flight.

Limber-Lost Musings

I wonder how many flights like these I’ll find myself on over the course of the next six months. Dry mouth. Cold feet clad in Birkenstocks. Tired eyes, sore back, happy heart. Stale lights. Strangers’ kind smiles asking for guidance, then helping me find my way.

Through the airport, through my skin, electricity pulses. With the turbulence, excitement gently rocks my bones while the tragedy of farewells begins to wane. Mountain and Josh Garrels on repeat. Told only by the shadows on maps I so obsessively enjoy, ocean cliffs lurk miles below the belly of the plane. One malfunction, and we’ll be reenacting scenes from “Lost,” but for each of us confidence in something greater than ourselves helps curb the anxiety. For me, it’s trust in the Almighty God who sent me on this trip.

As for a moment the perpetual tossing of the wind ceases, the walls hold their…

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